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We introduce you to worthy charitable organizations that we support. Amicus offers MATCHING GRANTS for charities that advance education, conservation and our mission . Amicus does not accept funds but instead directs you to each recommended charity’s website. The charity receiving your donation will bill us for the match. We expect and honor full transparency with all donors and non-profits.

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About Us







Our Mission

Amicus Foundation is faith based and family focused. We leverage our talents and financial resources to assist “well managed and effective”, non-profit organizations. We expect those organizations to produce results for their constituents. We will be strategic with our investments to maximize impact in each of our focus areas: families, faith, conservation, health , veterans and education. A healthy family and environment provides for the success of a Nation.

About Us

The Amicus Foundation was established in Montana in 2015 by John and Sheila Lake of Cameron Montana. We have two boys and three grandchildren. Sheila taught ESL English as a Second Language to farm worker’s children and John was an engineer and ultimately the CEO of a large water equipment rental company. In our life’s experience, we have been involved with special needs children, outdoor activities, University educational boards, church, and community organizations. We have hosted 5 foreign exchange students which helped us to expand our view of cultures and the world. Faith, family, freedom, and friends provide the energy and guidance for Amicus Foundation. The outdoors inspires us.


"Heritage Academy is so grateful for the partnership with the Amicus Foundation! We are now funding our second project for new classroom whiteboards after using Home Depot shower boards for the last four years. It is such a blessing to work with a foundation that shares a vision for restoring Christian education in Montana!"

Mrs. Marlo Lancaster (HS Science Teacher, Kalispell, MT)


What We Do


We support scientific multi use management of our forests, wetlands, deserts, oceans and wildlife . God created the world for his people to steward. Good stewardship involves the implementation of practical scientific management of our resources to sustain them for future generations.


“Education fuels the future”. We support organizations that believe in & teach traditional values and reward results for merit & performance based education at all levels, teaching “facts vs. feelings”. 


“Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain.” “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.”  We support ministries that educate & support belief in the Triune God, the assurance of salvation, & provide tools for understanding the Bible. We believe America’s foundational religious values.


We support organizations that provide support services for the handicapped, whether mentally, physically, or psychologically impaired. 


We believe in supporting the traditional family structure, incl. those with special needs individuals, by supplying the resources necessary to keep families intact.


We support organizations that help veterans find peace, purpose, & meaning for their civilian lives. Helping them overcome 

Success Stories


Elephant anti-poaching project Zakouma National Park Chad Africa

In April 2021 Amicus Foundation traveled to Zakouma National park in Chad to observe the Elephant anti poaching teams at work. The Foundation funded a portion of the ranger training and supplies. 

Rangers build relationships  with the villages surrounding the park and provide community support and outreach . In return the villagers are engaged in helping control outsiders from coming into their villages and the park to poach elephants and other wildlife. The integrated conservation approach of African Parks has helped restore elephant population in Zakouma as well as many other critical ecosystems throughout Africa.

Madison River Foundation

Supporting scientific management of the Madison River watershed for the benefit of fish, wildlife, community, and Montana.


CASA Montana

Helping and protecting children by providing trained advocates in court. Partnering with child protective services to ensure the safety and well being of abused minors


Niassa Reserve Mozambique Leopard and Large Predator Population Study

Amicus funded a crucial population study for lepords and large predetors

Past matching grants

Kern County World War II Veterans Memorial

My father Walter G “Jerry Lake “ served in WW2 with many of his Kern County friends .
Roy “ John’ Barker was one of those dear friends. John Barker’s  P51 was shot down near the end of the war and he was killed by the German SS . That is how I received his name .
The Kern County WW2 Memorial will memorialize the men and women from our community who died in the war. On the back of the monument we will engrave the names of those men and women who served and lived . God Bless our Veterans .

Angel Tree Prison Fellowship

K Love Radio Network

Salvation Army Bozeman

CRU Campus Crusade for Christ

League of Dreams

Devil Pups Marine Corp Leadership Training

Madison County Nursing Home


Boy Scouts Of America

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Samaritans Purse

Surgical eye ecpidition

Montana Youth Challenge Academy

CASA Court appointed special advocates for children

Haggai International

Madison Valley Medical Center

Warriors Quiet Waters Bozeman

Bakersfield Pregnancy Center

Charlie Russell Museum

International Christian Ministry

MIssion Aviation Fellowship

Your Network of Praise Havre Montana