Bakersfield Pregnancy Center


Start making an impact with the Bakersfield Pregnancy Center

Are you looking to give back to your community? Do you have a heart for men and women dealing with pregnancy-related concerns, and just don’t know how to help? Then become a Bakersfield Pregnancy Center Partner!

There’s a variety of ways to help!  If you are interested in something specific- like hosting a baby shower, volunteering or donating, fill out the form below. To see our special projects and needs (or even sign up to help), click the blue button to the right below. Volunteers are needed to serve as client advocates and coaches, and work at least 3 hours a week. Other options include donating baby items, quilting a blanket, donating a pizza for our Guy’s Night Only, or hosting a baby shower!

With any questions or to learn more about becoming a volunteer, call us today. There’s really so much you can do, and we’re sure your talents, heart of service and compassion, and love for others will shine through whatever you do with the Bakersfield Pregnancy Center.