Guiding Post-9/11 Combat
Veterans to Find Purpose

Warriors & Quiet Waters guides post-9/11 combat veterans and their loved ones to thrive and find peace, meaning, and purpose through fly fishing and other inspirational activities in nature.


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Challenging yet doable, with all costs covered, Built for More guides you to your next critical mission—finding a deeper connection to yourself, your people, and your purpose.

Holistic Well-being

Help veterans and their loved ones thrive in a fulfilling way. More than 200 volunteers open their hearts every year and donate their time to our nation’s post-9/11 combat veterans through Warriors & Quiet Waters. Our volunteer opportunities near Bozeman, MT, empower individuals to make a difference in meaningful ways. There are many ways you can help – as an individual or group, behind-the-scenes, and during our recreational, therapeutic programs.


Help veterans thrive. Donate to Warriors & Quiet Waters today.

A donation to Warriors & Quiet Waters means so much more than a fishing trip or hunting gear. Donations support building a community that feels like family, unforgettable experiences, and the tools and support to enable veterans to thrive long after participants leave Quiet Waters Ranch.

Warriors & Quiet Waters

WQW helps post-9/11 wounded combat veterans find their purpose back in civilian life by providing them and their loved ones a place to thrive and find peace, meaning and purpose through fly fishing and other inspirational activities in nature.
Using the Ag Leadership alumni model as a successful example, John Lake suggested creating an alumni program to the WQW executive director, retired U.S. Marine Corp Col. Brian Gilman. Lake eventually connected Casey Giles of WQW with CALF Alumni Engagement Manager Deanna van Klaveren (32). Their collaboration greatly accelerated the concept into reality.

Angling for Recovery: The Transformative Journey of Veterans through Warriors & Quiet Waters

Dive into the heartwarming journey of Warriors & Quiet Waters (WQW), a noble initiative dedicated to aiding post-9/11 wounded combat veterans as they navigate the challenging transition back to civilian life. This inspiring article unveils the story of how WQW, with its roots in the therapeutic tranquility of fly fishing and nature activities, has blossomed into a supportive community through the establishment of an alumni program. Modeled after the successful Ag Leadership alumni framework, the program fosters long-term growth, continuous education, and a spirit of camaraderie among veterans. Discover how the collaboration between WQW and CALF Alumni Engagement Manager Deanna van Klaveren transformed the vision of an engaged, healing veteran community into a reality, offering a beacon of hope and a testament to the power of unity and ongoing support.


Empowering Heroes


Community of Courage


Collaboration for Change


Investing in Valor

The Growth and Connection of Ag Leadership Alumni

The Ag Leadership alumni network is a testament to the enduring value of continued personal and professional development. Through a variety of opportunities, the alumni of Ag Leadership have maintained a vibrant community, fostering ongoing leadership growth through lifelong learning. The alumni engage with peers, fellows, and leaders across different sectors, sharing their time and expertise generously. This network is not just about maintaining connections; it’s a dynamic ecosystem that encourages its members to contribute back to the California Agricultural Leadership Foundation (CALF), the nurturing ground for their leadership skills. The structure and skills honed within CALF have not only enriched the individuals involved but have also served as a blueprint for excellence in other organizations. John Lake, a former CALF board chair, recognized the profound impact of such engagement and advocated for its principles to be adopted by Warriors & Quiet Waters (WQW), a nonprofit serving combat veterans. This cross-pollination of best practices between CALF and WQW underscores the universal applicability of strong alumni relations in driving positive change and sustaining the growth of community-focused initiatives.

About WQW

Build Trust

We bring Warriors to our ranch in southwestern Montana, providing a safe, secure environment – created by our volunteers, guides, and other veterans – that feels like home. Here, Warriors find space to make meaning of their service and discover what a purposeful life means to them.

Teach New Skills

Warriors and their loved ones learn fulfilling new skills like fly fishing, archery elk hunting, and backcountry skills so they can tap into the healing benefits of these activities for life. They gain the life skill of finding clarity and solitude in nature, learning to relax, and building resiliency to sustain them through challenging times.

Create Community

We foster the kind of community that becomes a family. Warriors make lifelong connections with people they walk alongside as they work toward their newfound purpose.

Help Warriors Thrive Long-Term

A Warrior’s journey is never over. Our progressive programs encourage Warriors and their loved ones to grow beyond the trauma of war, realize their potential, and chart a path toward a thriving, resilient life.