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Double the Impact with Our Matching Grant Program!

John and Sheila Lake of Amicus Foundation are pleased to announce a $100,000 matching grant for Independent Schools in Montana. These grants are specifically for Classroom Teachers. Grants matched will be from $500 to as much as $4000. We use the funding platform. After you have set up an account and posted your project, Amicus Foundation will match all funds raised dollar for dollar. We uphold family values and believe strongly in the constitution and individual responsibility. This is an unparalleled opportunity for you to maximize the reach of your generosity, ensuring that more students benefit from enriched, vibrant, and well-resourced learning environments.

Calling All Montana Private School Teachers: Your Classroom Dreams Await!

If you’re a passionate educator aiming to bring innovative projects and dynamic learning experiences to your students, we’re here to support you. Create an account with us, outline your classroom needs, and connect with a community eager to fund your vision. Don’t let financial constraints hold back your aspirations. Join us, and together, let’s turn your classroom dreams into tangible realities, shaping the future of Montana’s brightest minds.

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A Word from

John at Amicus Foundation

Sheila and I enthusiastically announce our matching grant program for Montana’s Independent classroom teachers. This initiative isn’t just another project; it encapsulates everything the Amicus Foundation cherishes. Through education, whether it was Sheila’s dedication to ESL or our collective endeavors with special needs children, we’ve seen firsthand the power of knowledge. With our matching grant program, every donation is matched, amplifying its impact. This means more tools for teachers, brighter classrooms, and the opportunity for every student to dream big.

John and Sheila Lake